Read a few recommendations from private customers who have experienced our disc skimming services first hand

An impressive engineering experience by Marcus Bailey (Disc Skimmers).
Everyone to their own in matters of engineering and mechanics is a valid statement.
As a pro golf club maker, golfers come to me for engineering solutions with their golf clubs.
I went to a a brake automotive pro Marcus Bailey for solutions to cure a brake problem,which was a real eye opener to say the least in matters of the appliance of science.
A story too long to relate here that had many mechanics baffled over a wheel judder problem after fitting new discs and pads, and a brake fluid change on my Jaguar 3.0 v6 s type. They could find no faults whatsoever after intensive checks on just about every part of the suspension and disc brake components, and began suggesting renewing this or that for a cure.
Marcus Bailey with his engineering expertise rapidly diagnosed the problem and put things right with the aid of his hi-tech state of the art equipment.
The dreaded judder has at last vanished thanks to this gentlemans skills.
He cured something that seemingly no one else could, which bears testimony to his knowledge and experience as an engineer.
As recommendations go, number one in my book for professional engineering expertise.
Regards and respects. Graham Cole.

Mr Graham Cole Jaguar S Type V6

Hi Marcus, you skimmed my discs on my 99 Jaguar xk8 a few months ago as I was on my third set of discs in 15000 miles due to warping and severe brake judder.

The Jaguar specialist had already made me pay and were hopeless with any kind of diagnosis,

After you had skimmed my discs cleaned all the mating faces and fettled my wheels, I have done over 6000 trouble free miles.

A great result at a great price and I really enjoyed the morning spent with you watching a professional at work.

Mr Phil Evans - Jaguar XK8

Marcus has just skimmed and sorted the pulsating juddering wreck that was my bmw 530! The car is now completely smooth under gentle and heavy braking and i really can’t recommend his service more highly.

Marcus is knowledgable, professional, meticulous and coming with all those years of experience from a motor sport background a real find.

If you have brake disc problems, this is the place to call – don’t waste your time phoning around….
Get marcus on the case.

Mr Paul Close - BMW 530

Excellent service! Having been advised by a porsche specialist that my relatively new set of brakes required replacing, and being faced with a £1500+ outlay, i contacted Marcus. He offered some sound advice and subsequently has returned my brakes to as good as, if not better than new. For fraction of the cost! Very professional and very knowledgable, i would not hesitate to recommend this service.

Mr Chris Stevens - Porsche Caymen

First class procut service tonight out of hours, greatly  appreciated, the drive home was sweet.

Mr Simon Leigh - BMW 323

Marcus did a superb job sorting out my Maserati Quattroporte.
Well worth the travel down from Yorkshire.
New Maserati discs and pads £1850 + fitting.
EBC pads + Marcus skimming the discs and fitting the pads £380 inc fitting! sorted.
That really appeals to a Yorkshireman in me.
The brakes are now performing better than at any other time since I got the car.
This guy knows his stuff and supplies an extremely high quality service.

Mr Arthur Ready - Maserati Quattroporte

I contacted DISC SKIMMERS LTD after my car developed a wobble through the steering wheel when braking.
Many so called specialists had simply recommended replacing the discs, even though they were only 8,000 miles old.
Marcus worked carefully and quickly to skim the discs on my car , taking extra time to deal with a seized caliper bolt.
The end result is excellant, its made a huge difference to the car and I would recommend his service to anyone.

DAN - Subaru Forester STI